MB128 replacement


spenoza: Seriously? Lucretia is finally going to happen? Geez Louise. Feb 7, 2020 16:43:05 GMT
videofestival: There is a category in the saru discord for updates :) Feb 7, 2020 18:05:52 GMT
bigusschmuck: Nice! Yeah if I recall Jim Powers on the pce is mostly in English. Feb 7, 2020 18:12:55 GMT
spenoza: I don't use Discord. Someone needs to pop over and keep us updated, too. I nominate you! Feb 7, 2020 18:36:08 GMT
_jash: I'll pick up Jim Powers. I love the scrolling, would be cool if they made the game less grueling. Feb 7, 2020 19:00:24 GMT
_jash: Also, yeah- who knows on Lucretia, There is a category, but I'm not sure any release day is set or anything. Feb 7, 2020 19:00:57 GMT
bigusschmuck: I'm half expecting folk to put in the notice if you bought this from pceworks aka Tobias then you are a dumbass. Lol Feb 7, 2020 20:36:28 GMT
videofestival: A trend I've been seeing for at least a year now: fellow collectors don't like to trade stuff anymore. They rather stop responding. No matter how much over value, I am offering. Best ones try to find my source of some rarities and try to backdoor cheaper. Feb 10, 2020 17:20:38 GMT
videofestival: When I started collecting, trading rare stuff was the way to go. Everyone had collected rare, later expensive stuff cheap at some point and had stuff to trade. Feb 10, 2020 17:22:17 GMT
spenoza: There's actually quite a lot of interest in the PC Engine and Turbo out there, but many collectors have moved away from forums like this. There's a LOT of activity you don't see in these spaces. They may be holding out for valuation changes. Feb 11, 2020 15:21:25 GMT
Black_Tiger: Shipping from Canada is so expensive now that it's not worth doing trades. It's $100 to ship a game to Europe with tracking and insurance. Feb 11, 2020 19:15:55 GMT
videofestival: Those shipping costs are crazy! This very forum has been nice to do trades actually- did two so far and both are great guys, who enjoy playing and collecting. Might be a regional problem in western Europe. Collectors seem more like lonely investors now. Feb 11, 2020 20:21:43 GMT
stealthrush: I'm no longer own a PCE if anybody is interested i'm selling PCE CD games and a few HU cards. Feb 11, 2020 22:15:52 GMT
dshadoff: I agree that shipping from Canada is crazy expensive. It's too bad, there's no point in making any hobby projects in this country, and especially not production-size batches of anything (for separate reasons) Feb 12, 2020 1:20:11 GMT
spenoza: You should make a thread for that, with some references. Feb 12, 2020 15:05:05 GMT
soop: Does anyone remember someone posting the original art from soldier blade? Feb 12, 2020 22:41:02 GMT
soop: Like from the actual.artist without titles etc Feb 12, 2020 22:41:26 GMT
spenoza: I don't remember that, but I want :) Feb 13, 2020 15:29:57 GMT
spenoza: So, how many engines you guys got in your PCs? ;) Feb 20, 2020 14:50:33 GMT
bigusschmuck: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiQdl2toBtg Feb 22, 2020 4:42:34 GMT