Driver/Doc for analog support in PCE Games (via XE-1AP)


tron: next week !! Jun 10, 2022 8:11:46 GMT
_jash: I'm particularly excited for PSO2 on PS4/5 at the end of this month. Aug 1, 2022 19:54:38 GMT
spenoza: Oh, I didn't know that was coming. Will there be a Switch release? Aug 2, 2022 14:04:38 GMT
tron: _jash after looking it up i'm surprised soa decided to give the pso2 version a chance here for ps4/5 :o Aug 5, 2022 7:36:08 GMT
_jash: Same - but hey it's letting me download it now and apparently offline mode stuff is available!! I'm gonna try it out tonight! Aug 31, 2022 1:01:44 GMT
_jash: Let's rock some #PhantasyStarOnline2 on #PS5 !!!! Aug 31, 2022 1:01:54 GMT
tron: _jash since pso2 is free to download i'll see about it asap i hope i have enough internal memory,great that is has cross play as well. Sept 4, 2022 8:08:05 GMT
enthusi: Hellos Sept 24, 2022 15:40:53 GMT
Gaijin D: Krikzz posted some test footage of the Turbo EverDrive Pro: Sept 25, 2022 3:57:19 GMT
enthusi: Heyas :) Sept 29, 2022 19:39:10 GMT
lazertron: - please tell me that there's someplace a physical copy to buy? Oct 11, 2022 14:31:16 GMT
sunteam_paul: There used to be but you're a few years too late I'm afraid. Oct 19, 2022 15:28:17 GMT
lazertron: Oh, what a pity. Will look for it on eBay then (:)) Oct 21, 2022 6:59:14 GMT
_jash: Yo, Tron did you grab PSO2? It's pretty fun. I've enjoyed playing around with it. I need to find some more time to play it. Oct 25, 2022 19:01:48 GMT
tron: I need a bigger hard drive _jash or an external one. Oct 28, 2022 10:11:44 GMT
_jash: Yeah, for real- it's massive, like 100gb>? silly games Dec 7, 2022 15:31:16 GMT
_jash: Happy 2023 everyone! Jan 30, 2023 20:10:17 GMT
tron: what the wonderboy collection should have been in the first place and not a slg exclusive Jan 31, 2023 10:32:03 GMT
_jash: SLG= Silly Lunatic Games/ Feb 2, 2023 19:04:13 GMT
tron: I hate strictlylimitedgames jash even more so whey get the rights for physical release of anything by taito. Feb 5, 2023 11:22:34 GMT
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